The Big Energy Shift: Total Solar Eclipse April 2024 meaning + which signs will be impacted most

The Big Energy Shift: Total Solar Eclipse April 2024 meaning + which signs will be impacted most

Two star signs are set to undergo profound struggle during the eclipse, our in-house astrologer Inbaal Honigman has predicted! 

We're in the midst of eclipse season - the two-week period that’s bookmarked by a lunar and solar eclipse.

And with the lunar eclipse already behind us, it’s almost time for the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8.

Solar eclipses are associated with periods of changes and shifts in energy...

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity though, astrologers say, as total solar eclipses only occur once every 400 years.

Solar eclipses have been significant events throughout history and are associated with periods of changes and shifts in energy.

The upcoming total solar eclipse takes place in the fearless sign of Aries, meaning it will have different impacts on different star signs.

“The Eclipse will take place in the sign of Aries, which means those born under the sign of the Ram would feel the wrath of the sun,” our in-house celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal has warned.

“Aries is a direct and fearless fire sign, who is happy to face big decisions head-on.

“The solar eclipse is a tough time for Aries, as their directness is brought into question and secrecy is favoured over blunt honesty."

But it's not just Aries who need to be prepared for some shifts - another sign does too.

“The sun itself is the ruler of the sign of Leo, so this sign would be affected during the eclipse,” Inbaal said.

“Leos like to be admired and seen, they thrive on attention and positive reinforcement.

“The shadowy nature of the eclipse could bring the Leo back down to Earth and they'll struggle to thrive away from full sunlight.”

Geminis are set to benefit from the eclipse, with it bringing a burst of social energy that’s perfect for the social butterfly zodiac.

Similarly, Virgos will be presented with the opportunity to undergo a profound spiritual awakening.

This total solar eclipse is considered particularly lucky, so it’s a good time to manifest your desires and set intentions for the rest of the year.

Take this time as a second chance at the New Year, taking initiative and trying new things.

“It can be seen with great clarity that changes are needed - and what those changes are.

“Outdoor manifesting in nature is suitable at the time of the solar eclipse, embracing the shadow time and visualising how different things will be when the sun returns.

“An affirmation for the time of the solar eclipse is: I accept my shadow side and celebrate it."

*as orginally posted in the Sun, 7/04/2024

*image credit Fred Espenak for Nikon

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