3 reasons why it's interesting to combine astrology + skincare

3 reasons why it's interesting to combine astrology + skincare

There's a debate raging whether it works to combine astrology and skincare. This is an age old conundrum, which of course modern medicine wanted us to forget about! However, when you dig a little deeper, it's clear that everything is much more linked than we realised, and when astrology is applied to skincare, we can actually help ourselves to work with the universe, not against it! 

Let's start with the most obvious point:

1. It's not new & it's all linked

The tides, our monthly cycles are of course governed by the Lunar calendar. Carl Jung was the first to link the female body is with the moon's movements and called this phenomenon "synchronicity". It was Jung who then first linked astrology to psychology. So he can be considered the first who recognised the impact of astrological events on our minds. We now know the mind is intrinsically linked to the skin, in a similar way to the gut-brain axis. So one impacts the other. 

2. Don't worry, you won't be the first

Many historical figures were avid followers of astrology. Napoleon had a private astrologer and several current political & business leaders (Roosevelt, JP Morgan among others). They applied it to all areas of their lives. Dua Lipa said recently: "Let's put it this way: I don't have a therapist, but I have an astrologist...” 

Today, apps like our partner Soulloop app help us with advice on the best day to get a haircut, or a favourable / unfavourable business day. Looking for extra daily guidance? Try it out here!

3. Ancient wisdom used astrology for medicine. Here's one example from the UK:

Our inspiration Nicholas Culpepper, a 16th-17th century British physician and botanist linked every healing herb to a corresponding planet. He also attributed every part of the body, including the skin, to different zodiac signs. This is how he formulated his remedies and then made an encyclopedia which was available to every household. In a time where seeing a doctor was incredibly expensive, this made medicine much more accessible, for example equipping each family with the knowledge of reducing pain during childbirth, curing infections and even helping heart conditions! His research is the foundation for many modern pharmaceutical remedies. Of course.. the doctor community at the time was outraged!

The Moon in general ruled the body, but here is an example breakdown of how the signs ruled individual body areas at the time: 

skin_astrology_ancient wisdom

Planets also were considered to rule body organs, for example:

Skin by Saturn

Brain and Nerves by Mercury [and Uranus]

Respiratory system by Mercury

Heart by the Sun

Arteries by Mars

Veins by Saturn

Kidneys by Venus

Liver by Jupiter

Digestive system by Venus

Muscles by Mars

Reproduction by Venus and Mars

Endocrine system by Neptune and Uranus

Ovaries by the Moon

Teeth, Nails and Hair by Mars

Bones and Skeleton by Saturn

Here at Children of Earth, our focus is on the skin and brain...so we have incorporated ingredients that are now proven by modern scientific research to have an impact on both! But, because no two one of us are the same, each formula is guided by the needs of each star sign (these can be applied to Sun, Moon or Rising signs). 

So ... in short...we believe that today each Zodiac sign can benefit from a personalised approach to wellness, skincare & the mind, guided by botany + astrology !

Check out our personalised wellness advice and botanical essences for each sign here!

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