Did you know that in each of our skin cells there is a tiny brain that can produce serotonin, cortisol and melatonin?

So when we are stressed, so is our skin.

It's time to get in control of the skin-brain connection.

Enter: personalised neurocosmetics, to help you deal with stress and get you back in balance.

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  • The Workout Edit

    Freshen up and focus your skin, body + mind when you need it the most: after a workout.

    A lifestyle edit chosen to complement and rebalance that time of day...

    The Workout Edit 
  • The Mushroom Edit

    Chaga for better skin? Cordyceps for strength and immunity? Crystal mushroom reiki jewellery for better energy? Mushroom lovers - rejoice, we've got you covered. Did we mention our packaging is made from 100% home compostable mycelium too?

    The Mushroom Edit 
  • The Astrology Edit

    If you like horoscopes or good skin, this one's for you.

    Optional add-on: learn what the planets have in store with a private reading by our celebrity in-house Astrologer Inbaal.

    The Astrology Edit 
  • The Skin-Brain Connection Edit

    Learn which ingredients have an impact on the connection between the skin and the brain, so you can reduce anxiety, achieve a nourished microbiome or cleanse and uplift without stripping away the skin's natural oils. Σ: the sum of many elements - helping you navigate nature's powerful ingredients one step at a time.

    the Skin Brain Connection Edit 
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