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Children of Earth Skincare

The Zodiac Face Oils™ Collection

The Zodiac Face Oils™ Collection

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The gift of all gifts...the entire spectrum of our oils. Why choose one, when you can have them all?

Use our cosmic body map to work out the area of the body that needs attention with a targeted massage, or just channel each oil based on the zodiac season, your mood, your Sun, Moon or Rising sign....the only rule is there are no rules!

Each oil is customised with mushroom extracts and essential oils perfect for massage, tension relief and drainage. Your skin will be left supple, glowing and silky, and your state of mind may alter after you read the label.

This is because, on every bottle, you will find a breathwork micro-ritual to gain the neuroscience benefits of the blend inside. 

Or, pick your collection via Earth, Air, Fire or Water - it's up to you! 

Gift? Let us know, and we can include a luxury gift box with a personalised message of your choice.

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