8 reasons why mushrooms hold the answer to sustainable beauty packaging

8 reasons why mushrooms hold the answer to sustainable beauty packaging

Mycelium [mushroom] composites have the perfect properties for packaging. They are shock absorbing, insulating, made of 100% biological raw materials and can be made in numerous shapes.

How are they made? Moulds are filled with local agricultural waste, a little water and a mycelium culture that binds it all together. It takes around a week for the structure to grow and gain its strength. Once it’s full-grown and dried, it turns into a structural, stable and renewable product.

And the best of all? At the end of its useful life any mushroom packaging can be used as fertilizer for your surroundings. Just break the product in pieces, add to your compost heap or garden and let the composting process go on. It's the perfect way to help nature run its course.

But why do mushrooms really hold the answer?

1. They are completely renewable raw materials, containing no oil based sources, or products containing toxic elements.

2. They have limitless availability, since they are re-producable in a lab environment.

3. The packaging is flexible. It can be designed to any specification or desired shape.

4. Mushroom packaging is also fire resistant.

5. Mycelium structures are free from Volatile organic compounds.

6. For the product, the packaging is insulating, both in terms of temperature as well as sound.

7. When fully grown, the material is buoyant, meaning that even surf boards can be made, so it has many applications in many other areas where plastics are used.

8. Finally it is super compostable, making the circle round, aiding the natural process and giving back to our earth.

We are working with companies at the forefront of innovation in this area and want to bring this issue to the forefront of conversations within the beauty industry.

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