Mercury Retrograde April 2024: Self-Care Guide for every Zodiac

Mercury Retrograde April 2024: Self-Care Guide for every Zodiac

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It’s almost time for Mercury to retrograde under the Fire Sign Aries, this time from 1 April to 24 April. The pre-retrograde “shadow” actually starts a way before on 18 March, with the post-retrograde “shadow” period finally ending by 13 May. So.. time to mark it in your diaries: it’s cosmic chaos!

Advice for all signs: anyone prone to impulsiveness, listen up. Mercury retrograde in Aries is an apt time to carefully consider your actions before making any major decisions to avoid running into issues down the line! Even though retrogrades typically are viewed to affect the sign they occur in the most, we will all be feeling the stressful effects, such as:

  • miscommunications
  • travel setbacks
  • technical problems
  • delays

According to ancient wisdom, during times of stress, each sign would get out of balance in different ways.

Here are some handy self-care tips to avoid this stress playing havoc with your mental state!


During times of frustrations, such as during Mercury retrograde, excess Aries energy was traditionally viewed to overpower the nervous system and was believed to cause loss of mental balance. It was also thought Aries could suffer from over-exertion and possible anger!

Aries should therefore seek calm at all costs: try incorporating cooling peppermint into a face oil, for an evening facial gua sha massage -the ultimate sensory simmer-down! In this Aries oil, peppermint, frankincense and lavender work together with mushrooms to support a calm, sharpened sense of focus and glowing, silky skin ready for massage.

Aries Zodiac Face Oil®, £55, Children of Earth Skincare


In times of stress, ancient wisdom believed Tauruses were prone to over-indulgence and too much comfort, with a tendency to brood over troubles which only made matters worse!

Tauruses should therefore not spend too long overthinking any troubles, as this can make any existing condition worse!

Try a visionary celebrity astrologer reading via Inbaal Honigman: an educated guess at what the future holds in life, love, career and relationships will do wonders for any stressful Mercury-Retrograde scenarios.

Tauruses: stop useless overthinking and book in with the UK’s best loved psychic!

Power Half Hour Tarot and Chart reading: £80, via Inbaal Honigman:


When out of balance, ancient wisdom attributed the following characteristics and illnesses to Gemini as: nervous overreactions and restlessness, leading to exhaustion.

As a result, Geminis should be careful to avoid burnout, as well as getting run-down.

Geminis: Try Hux Nootropics, which contains Lion’s mane and Cognizin® for sharpened focus & cognition, improved memory & mood and long term brain health.

Nootropics, £37.99, Hux Health.


Cancerians were traditionally believed to suffer from high emotions caused by mental irritants, nervous reactions and leading to a general lessening of vitality.

Therefore, Cancerians should channel emotional strength to avoid any bad energy from their surroundings rubbing off on them.

Reishi in morning coffee is an all-day soothing wonder that will provide an overall relaxed state and can help calm the nervous system during the stressful Mercury Retrograde period.

Calm down Cancer and relax with reishi

Try Reishi Mushroom Powder, £39.99 with 20% off with EASTER20, available at Dirtea.


When out of balance, ancient wisdom attributed Leos to be at risk from over-exertion! As a result, Leos should find a way to cool and calm down, and ground their fiery nature.

Leos should take a minute to download breathwork and meditation app Open to breathe, move and meditate.

Open app LA offers Leos the chance to take a step back: subscriptions available in-app.


During times of stress such as Mercury Retrograde, ancient wisdom believed Virgos to be prone to imbalance of the gut microbiome from anxiety, producing acidity in the body and other troubles. Virgos therefore need to calm any excessive worrying and restore the gut microbiome and skin’s barrier back to good health.

Vital for Virgos: Jerms Daily Gut, available at Selfridges

Virgos should make an alkalising smoothie with a gut and microbiome balancing scoop of Jerms, available at Selfridges, £34.


When out of balance, ancient wisdom believed Libras to be vulnerable to nervous exhaustion. A big focus for Libras during times of stress such as Mercury Retrograde is to restore balance to the mind and skin.

Libras should book in for an Astro-facial at Salon C Stellar: this wonder-treatment involves massage, exfoliation, extractions and a super high-tech laser to cap it off, with a massage oil based on your moon sign to connect to your emotions as well as your skin. Bliss.

Libras listen up: the AstroFacial is perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and overall wellbeing

Astro-facial: Salon C Stellar, Soho, London, UK : £220 for 75 minutes


When out of balance, it was believed Scorpios could over-worry and be prone to over-analysis of other’s actions. Scorpios can therefore flourish by nurturing their sensual personalities and working on grounding.

Sensual satin for stressed Scorpios: The Duster by Tatiana de Nicolay, £908, at Clubroom by Invisible

Try a sensual day avoiding all the delays and stress of Mercury Retrograde in The Duster by Tatiana de Nicolay, £908, at Clubroom by Invisible.


It was believed that Sagittarius could suffer from too much restlessness, which could lead to accidents and injuries! Despite the frustrations of the Retrograde season, Sagittariuses can benefit from freeing their spirit again, and building up their sense of adventure back up.

Sagittariuses can regain their wanderlust by being transported to urban oases, rural escapes and sun-bathed coastal havens via City, Country Coast, by Soho Home.

No more need to suffer Sagittarius: try City, Country, Coast book by Soho Home, £38.


When out of balance, ancient wisdom believed Capricorns to impose self-limiting beliefs, causing an impediment to freedom of thought, expression, and functioning.

Capricorns should focus on soothing their inner tensions and worries, and reducing anxiety.

A journalling session to recap on ambitions, goals and manifestations is the perfect solution to ride out the curveballs of Mercury Retrograde.

Capricorns: turn anger into ambition with this leather Journal, £175, Paradise Row


In times of adversity such as Mercury Retrograde, it was believed Aquarius could sometimes have a highly sensitive nature, which meant they were susceptible to anxiety. Aquarius should therefore focus on building their sense of inner power, via shifting to a confidence-boosting approach to life!

An amethyst crystal-powered incense holder is perfect to change the atmosphere of the home, and help alleviate worries or fears about unpredictable Mercury Retrograde events!

No more anxiety, Aquarius: create a cosmic shift with this Incense holder, alone (£57.60) or part of set (£99), Children of Earth Skincare


During moments of turmoil such as the miscommunications caused by Mercury Retrograde, ancient wisdom believed Pisces to be prone to over-thinking about others’ actions, plus having a high level of physical and mental sensitivity. Pisces as a result need to nurture their inner selves with a dreamy contemplation-boosting approach.

Try Nightcap on the rocks before bed to destress and unwind, with complex notes of wood and bright spice for a calm, dreamy feeling.

Nurturing nightcap for Pisces prone to overthinking: £24.99, Three Spirit

Wishing every sign luck for Mercury Retrograde April 2024!

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