Neurocosmetics Magazine: Your skin – a second brain in the spotlight?

Neurocosmetics Magazine: Your skin – a second brain in the spotlight?

Did you know that the brain and skin have the same embryonic origin?


Source: Neurocosmetics Magazine, 2023


Skin and brain form at the same time on day 21 of the embryo, with the outermost part of the embryo – the ectoblast – giving rise to the nervous system and the epidermis.


Your skin is therefore a sort of extension of the brain. Its nerve architecture is extremely complex, with no less than 800,000 neurons, 11 metres of nerves and around 200 sensory receptors per cm3. The expression “having nerves on edge” is not overused.


This connection makes it impossible to dissociate the psychic realities that each of us undergoes on a daily basis from the physical ones concerning our skin.


And if your brain communicates with your skin, what happens the other way around? Does your skin send signals or messages of sensation or emotion to your brain, which your brain interprets before reacting or acting? The answer is simply yes.


It sounds logical, doesn’t it? We said “logical”, not “magical”, although quite honestly we are touching on something fundamental here.


The studies around this dual brain/skin and skin/brain communication aim to explore the notion that, on the one hand, your mental state has a direct impact on the health and appearance of your skin, and on the other hand, you can positively influence your mental state or emotions through the topical application of creams, oils or serums. The field of neurocosmetics is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and high-potential fields in the world of beauty today, as it aims to understand, explain and publicise all the “inner & outer” interactions and connections that characterise us on a daily basis and which have an impact on the state of our skin: mental state, emotions, stress, etc., but also our environment, the air, the water and the air quality. These last two years have shown us how fragile the balance is and how essential the need for mental anchoring is. Without a holistic approach, the goal seems unattainable. Neurocosmetics can/should play a part in this.


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